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If you know of a local business or organisation taking action, and would like to see it featured here, please send me some details. Contact details and photos are also appreciated if available. Strategies might include things such as getting solar panels, retro-fitting a building to increase energy efficiency, water conservation, or innovative rubbish management. It doesn’t matter on the motivation, as many sustainable actions don’t just reduce carbon being released into the air, but save money too.

One Response to Tell me

  1. John Murray says:

    Hi Liz,

    You might be interested in doing a blog on Mike Vaughan’s “Enviromowing” business ( Mike’s mowing and garden maintenance is completely hydrocarbon free. He uses a Nissan Leaf to tow his trailer. The trailer is equipped with solar panels that charge his portable lithium ion battery banks, that power his all-electric mowers, brush cutters blowers etc.. He produces enough power directly from the sun to keep his business machines going a full day. He is finding that hospitals, schools, nursing homes and conference centres are particularly keen customers, not just because of the emissions-free service but because his work is much quieter than the ICE powered machinery that usually interrupts the going’s on within these institutions.
    GO to his website for more details and some good images.

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