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Electric Cars at Sustainable House Day, Noosaville, Sept 13th

Each year, this event lets people open up their houses to show how they have built or modified their homes to make them more environmentally friendly.  It is a great way to share good ideas.  People take a wide range … Continue reading

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EnergyCut – John Dee

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to see John Dee speak at the CleanTech Connect event on the Sunshine Coast.  He has achieved several very practical environmental improvements in Australia.  For example, he initiated the three-year phasing out of energy-hogging incandescent … Continue reading

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The Energy of Nations: Risk blindness & the road to renaissance

Jeremy Leggett gives an insider’s perspective into the worlds of big energy, international finance, and climate change negotiations.  With a background that started with working for the oil and gas industry, he went on to Greenpeace and then became a founder of solar company SolarCentury … Continue reading

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Can strata-title apartment buildings go green?

While lots of homes and commercial premises around the Sunshine Coast and Australia are going solar and becoming more energy and water efficient, strata title apartment buildings can be forgotten. Yet apartment buildings are notorious energy guzzlers. On average, residents … Continue reading

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Greening with GreenPower, with the added bonus of a tax deduction

If you are running a business or organisation, GreenPower is a great way to promote your sustainability to your customers, and join 47 000 other organisations using GreenPower.  With our electricity sector in Australia causing a big chunk of our carbon footprint, … Continue reading

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Being Eco-nomic with your business

This is a short list of options to consider to make your business or community organisation more eco-nomic.  Most of these ideas will save money, and they will all reduce your environmental footprint. Install LED lights.  After the initial outlay (dropping … Continue reading

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But Will the Planet Notice? How smart economics can save the world.

“You are one of seven billion people on Earth. Whatever you or I do personally—eat tofu in a Hummer or hamburgers in a Prius—the planet doesn’t notice. In our confrontation with climate change… it is what several billion people do … Continue reading

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Sustainable Energy Solutions for Climate Change

Written by Australian renewable energy expert Mark Diesendorf, this new book tells you everything you might want to know about renewable energy.  It gets down to some technical nitty-gritty in some chapters, but also makes an excellent case for the … Continue reading

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Solar feedback is making our grid cleaner

Solar electricity being fed back to the grid in South-East Queensland is now the 6th largest generator of power in the state, according to Giles Parkinson at This electricity is now providing 11% of electricity provided by the grid … Continue reading

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