ZBee EV coming to Sunshine Coast

ZBee as taxi

I’m organising another electric vehicle display for the 2017 World Environment Day Festival on June 4th at Maroochydore.  An amazing three-wheeled electric vehicle is going to be on display, the ZBee from Sweden.  They will be launched in Brisbane onto the Australian market over the next few months.  They are already being used in India as electric tuk-tuks, and can fit a driver and two passengers.  Other than taxis, they could be used as delivery vehicles, campus service vehicles, and local runabouts.  Clean Motion, based in Brisbane, is looking at selling them as fleet vehicles.  ZBees look like heaps of fun, and I’d love to have a test drive.

A ZBee has a top speed of 45 km/p/hr, has a range of 70 km, and re-charges in two hours.  It only uses 7% of the energy used by a fossil-fuel driven city car to travel the same distance.  Find out more about them in a recent video: ZBee at Myriad event, Brisbane


About EmpowerRepower

I’m a teacher, former teacher-librarian, ex-volunteer breastfeeding counsellor and mother-of-three living on the Sunshine Coast. I’m concerned about climate change, and feel that the necessary changes to prevent the worst outcomes will rely on action from all sectors of our economy. I’ll be trying to share, promote and encourage that action by finding positive examples in our local community.
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