Tesla Model S at Maleny

20160306_130552On Sunday March 6th, the Qld Tesla club met at Maleny.  We drove our Nissan Leaf up the range to take some photos and say hello to some Model S owners we have met over the last year. There were 17 Teslas all up, most of them white.  They first met at the Maleny Showgrounds, where a few cars were using the 3-phase power supply to recharge.  One of their members gave a talk about the ins and outs of re-charging from 3-phase power, which isn’t as fast as a Supercharger, but still reasonably speedy.  The cars then travelled in convoy to the nearby Maleny Botanic Gardens for a picnic and to enjoy the stunning views. A local Channel 7 photographer was there to ask some questions and take some footage.

A nice variety of personalised EV number plates below:



The cars assembled at the Maleny Showgrounds. Caravan parks can be a place to access 3-phase or 15 amp power points, useful while the public charging infrastructure is still so minimal in Australia.

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I’m a teacher, former teacher-librarian, ex-volunteer breastfeeding counsellor and mother-of-three living on the Sunshine Coast. I’m concerned about climate change, and feel that the necessary changes to prevent the worst outcomes will rely on action from all sectors of our economy. I’ll be trying to share, promote and encourage that action by finding positive examples in our local community.
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  1. Marc Talloen says:

    Nice write-up!

    Thanks a lot!


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