Solar Supercharge: Part 1, electric car display

As part of the Solar Supercharge conference in Brisbane on Feb 13th-15th, there was an electric car display.  I met some more electric car drivers, including Les (Lesmando from the OzLeaf list), and Mark Talloen, who has written about driving his Tesla Model S on trips to different parts of Australia link .  I caught up with Gary who kindly brought his BMW i3 to my EV display at the WED festival on the Sunshine Coast last year link.

The line-up of vehicles was a little different each day, but included Tesla Model S, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi Imiev, a converted EV, and a personal cycle/solar powered mobility vehicle.  The cars were in a lovely setting, in front of a heritage sandstone building at QUT’s Gardens Point Campus.  An electric vehicle display was a perfect fit for a renewable energy conference.  I’ll post next about the conference, at which I met lots of interesting people and learned a lot.

About EmpowerRepower

I’m a teacher, former teacher-librarian, ex-volunteer breastfeeding counsellor and mother-of-three living on the Sunshine Coast. I’m concerned about climate change, and feel that the necessary changes to prevent the worst outcomes will rely on action from all sectors of our economy. I’ll be trying to share, promote and encourage that action by finding positive examples in our local community.
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4 Responses to Solar Supercharge: Part 1, electric car display

  1. John Murray says:

    Great photos Liz. Thanks for covering this. John

    • Thanks John. I got to meet your brother with his Tesla Model S, and of course, you have your lovely BMW i3. My cousin in Seattle has a Model S, but I haven’t managed to talk any of my local family into going the EV way.

  2. John Murray says:

    There is a lot of “fear of the unknown” around. First adopters, understanding new technologies better tend to take the risks for others, demonstrating the flexibility, utility and resilience of the new technologies from which mass adoption follows and prices reallyktart to fall. I am happy to be an early adopters helping to open minds and challenge the status quo with all its assumptions.

  3. Yes, good point John.

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