Being Eco-nomic with your business

This is a short list of options to consider to make your business or community organisation more eco-nomic.  Most of these ideas will save money, and they will all reduce your environmental footprint.

  1. Install LED lights.  After the initial outlay (dropping in price all the time) this will not only save on electricity, but also on maintenance.  When we switched from halogen to LED downlights, we were delighted by the difference.  After needing to get out a ladder to change a lightbulb almost every week, there have been no LEDs in need of replacement for the last two years.  Lighting accounts for 12% of electricity use in Australia, so there is room for lightbulb
  2. Use a worm farm to deal with food waste.  They come in many different sizes, and reduce costs by diverting some waste from landfill.  The resulting castings/liquid can be used on gardens around your building, or given to grateful staff.  They need very little maintenance, less than a compost heap, and don’t smell.  Some larger worm farms suitable for a business can be found here:
  3. Choose photocopy paper with recycled content.  The average photocopier/printer gobbles through the paper, so at least make sure that not all the paper requires the cutting down of more trees.
  4. Insulate your ceiling, and keep down heating and cooling costs.
  5. Set up your system so that all computer screens are turned off at night, perhaps centrally.
  6. More to come….

About EmpowerRepower

I’m a teacher, former teacher-librarian, ex-volunteer breastfeeding counsellor and mother-of-three living on the Sunshine Coast. I’m concerned about climate change, and feel that the necessary changes to prevent the worst outcomes will rely on action from all sectors of our economy. I’ll be trying to share, promote and encourage that action by finding positive examples in our local community.
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